Antique Engagement Rings

If you are looking for an antique engagement ring, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers knows how frustrating it can be to scower estate sales in search of the perfect antique engagement ring. At the same time, many engagement ring buyers who love the antique style actually frown upon the idea of giving what essentially is a used piece of jewelry to their beloved. After all, do you want an antique ring, no matter how beautiful, that has been worn previously by potentially multiple strangers?

Your Antique Engagement Ring Dream Realized

Without question, the styles of antique engagement rings are beautiful with sparkling diamonds, filigree patterns, subtle engravings and an overall sense of aristocratic elegance. With modern Gemvision ring design in the Ballard Jewelry Design Room, you no longer have to find that perfect antique engagement ring to create the antique style that calls out the name of your beloved. In fact, rather than compromise on a used ring that’s not quite right and not exactly what she was expecting, you can create an antique engagement ring that turns your true vision into a sparkling reality.

 Affordable Antique Engagement Rings

The other huge challenge is how expensive a “real” antique engagement ring can be and how rare it is to find such rings in the ideal condition that she deserves. As the technology of jewelry craftsmanship has evolved with Gemvision ring design, the application of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) opened the door to true certainty.

Working with clients to materialize their antique engagement ring visions, the master jewelers at Ballard & Ballard have developed the expertise to help you realize your antique engagement ring dream. If you fear that you will not be able to afford an antique engagement ring, you should know our master jewelers apply value-engineering techniques to antique designs in order foster affordability.

4 Examples of Ballard Antique Engagement Rings

antique engagement ring

3-Stone Engagement Ring

1) This antique engagement ring designed by the master jewelers at Ballard & Ballard is a 3-stone antique engagement ring with a large round diamond at the center. Nothing delivers the antique feel like the filigree style with a layered sense of royal beauty. By creating such an antique style in a new ring, the master jewelers at Ballard & Ballard helped to make the antique engagement ring dreams of this lovely Orange County couple come true.

antique engagement ring

Oval Diamond Ring

2) This antique engagement ring designed by the master jewelers at Ballard & Ballard feels like it flew off the screen of a classic Hollywood story of European royalty. With a large oval diamond at the center, the surrounding oval of smaller round diamonds and the swirling diamond patterns beyond highlight the center stone’s brilliance and luminescence. An astonishing 88 round diamond were layered up and down the white gold setting to deliver a sensation of true majesty.

antique engagement ring

Yellow Gold Setting

3) This antique engagement ring designed by the master jewelers at Ballard & Ballard harkens back to the traditional popularity of yellow gold when the gold standard was the name of the game. The center round diamond is beautifully held in place by 4 rose prongs that complement the yellow gold setting. With supporting diamonds set into an engraved pattern on the upper band, this antique engagement ring dances on the finger. Such an antique engagement ring feels like a jaunt across the red carpets of legendary Hollywood, shining on the delicate hands of legendary beauties.

antique engagement ring

The Feel of Antique Aristocracy

4) This antique engagement ring designed by the master jewelers at Ballard & Ballard has a geometric excellence that truly highlights the brilliance of the round center stone. With diamonds set in pairs like eternal lovers around the center diamond, this antique engagement ring creates a sense of eternal devotion and family tradition. 34 diamonds shining like courtiers in a white gold setting serve the round diamond center majestically.

As shown by the inspiring variety of the above antique engagement rings designed by the master jewelers at Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers, your antique engagement ring vision can become a shimmering reality if you take the first step. The first step is the decision to visit our Fountain Valley showroom and speak in person with our master jewelers. By seeing first-hand computer-aided design and value engineering and understanding our on-site computer-aided manufacturing capabilities, you will know that you have made the right choice. With the new Gemvision ring technology in the Ballard Jewelry design room, we can bring the antique to life today.


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