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Inspired by everything from the stylish television show Mad Men to the diamond engagement ring choices of stars like Megan Fox and Natalie Portman, Vintage Engagement Rings are in fashion. On a regular basis, couples come into Ballard and Ballard Fine Jewelers looking for vintage or vintage-inspired engagement rings. Vintage engagement rings have a sophisticated style. Reflecting the timelessness of stars like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, the sweet elegance of vintage and vintage-inspired rings are both beautiful and precious.


“Vintage” or “antique” are broad-ranging terms used to describe any item that is over 50 years old. Today’s standards for diamonds do not apply to antique engagement rings. Clear diamonds may be the preference today, but years ago people wanted diamonds with a hint of color – a little yellow, green, or pink. As a result, diamonds with color and colored stones for vintage-inspired engagement rings are coming back into style. Most original vintage engagement rings are either family heirlooms or found at estate sales and auctions.

88~vintage-engagement-ring-orange-county-1-300x272Ballard and Ballard Fine Jewelers attend estate sales and auctions in order to find the best in Art Deco and other Vintage engagement rings. Traditionally, the metal color of choice in these styles is white. Platinum is the clear preference, but white gold of 14k or 18k can be just as suitable. Understanding the difference between the two metals is very important. Color, cost and durability all come into play when making this choice. Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers has extensive experience with these metals, and we can help advise as the best choice on an individual basis.

54~vintage-engagement-ring-orange-county-2-300x272 Using Computer Aided Design, Ballard and Ballard Fine Jewelers creates a bevy of vintage-inspired engagement ring settings that are replicas of original antique engagement rings from the Edwardian through the Art Deco periods. These rings can feature intricate design work with engraved settings that create a glamorous feel. In the elegant pavé setting, tiny, faceted, fully cut stones are set as close together as possible. It often appears as if the platinum of white gold band has been paved with diamonds. The defining details of vintage-inspired rings include the following: minimal scroll-like engraving, microset mini-diamonds, precise milgrain work in the form of raised beaded edges, and filigree. Platinum and white gold tend to be the metals of choice for vintage-inspired rings.

38~vintage-engagement-ring-orange-county-3-300x272An Important advantage Ballard & Ballard has is the fact that they own hundreds of the original models and molds from a collection that dates back to 1917. Since we have been a family-run business for close to a century, our original engagement rings collections represents the historical evolution of the ring across the Twentieth Century. Such tradition, knowledge and experience allow for the creation of rings from the past to be made brand new today. Imagine the freedom of being able to order a brand new 1965 Mustang or 1918 Studebaker freshly manufactured like new from the factory floor. Such freedom is what we are able to offer when it comes to vintage engagement rings.
37~vintage-engagement-ring-orange-county-4-300x216Indeed, vintage engagement ring styles make sense because they will never go out of fashion. At Ballard and Ballard Fine Jewelers, our cases are overflowing with vintage-inspired looks and styles. Come in and check out the custom designed choices. If you have a particular classical or famous vintage ring that you love, we can use value engineering and computer aided design to create such a look for your custom designed engagement ring. After all, a vintage or vintage-inspired diamond engagement ring will last a lifetime and become a family heirloom to pass down to future generations.

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