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January Birthstone Garnet
Garnet stands for true friendship, consistency and fidelity. The Greek word for Garnet means "fire like". Garnet is said to give guidance in the night to the wearer. There is an entire family of Garnets and they can be found in almost any color.

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February Birthstone Amethyst
Amethyst is the symbol of perfection, peace and tranquility. The deep purple color was considered the color of royalty by the Greeks. The Amethyst is said to protect the wearer from harm and misfortune.

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February birthstone Amethyst in our catalog.
March Birthstone Aquamarine
Aquamarine is the gem of the sea. It comes from the Greek word for "sea water". With its transparent blue green vigor, it is considered the spirit of the ocean. It imparts courage and intellect to the wearer.

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Alternate Gemstone - Bloodstone
April Birthstone Diamond
Diamond is the gem of romance. The color spectrums are boundless as it sparkles in a blazing fire. The diamond is called the Venus stone because it glows with the same brightness as this evening star.

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May Birthstone Emerald
Emerald is the gem of spring and the French describe them as the gem of the "garden". Emerald is the favored gem of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. Emeralds are considered to have the power to calm and soothe the eyes.

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June Birthstone Pearl
Pearl is the "Queen of Gems". It is said that there is nothing more beautiful than a Pearl, except for woman who wears them. Pearls are uniquely feminine and elegant. They are perfect for every occasion.

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July Birthstone Ruby
Ruby is considered the most passionate of gems. It is said to bring charity, freedom, dignity and divine power. The Ruby has an explosive vibrant appearance. The wearer is said to be blessed with health, wealth, wisdom and success in affairs of the heart.

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August Birthstone Peridot
Peridot is found and treasured in many Cathedrals in Europe. Peridot is said to repel night time terrors for the woman who wears it. Egyptians coveted the Peridot for centuries.

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September Birthstone Sapphire
Sapphire is the symbol of faithfulness, truth and sincerity. This exceptional gem is available in almost every color of the rainbow. The Sapphire was honored above all other gems because it was said to tell the future.

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October Birthstone Opal
Opal captures glorious beams of light which are reflected in to "bonfires of color". Opal is considered the gem of hope and purity. The rainbow of fiery colors are capable of brightening any mood.

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November Birthstone Citrine
The golden glow of this gem is considered to be from the ancient Egyptians sun god "Ra" it is said to give strength to the wearer. Myth has said Citrine gems are pieces of the sun that have fallen to earth.

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December Birthstone Tanzanite
There are two, beautiful birthstones for December: the natural variety of colors found in Turquoise and the elegant shimmer of Tanzanite.

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