We have Lab Grown Diamonds!

Lab Grown Diamonds: come see these beauties for yourself!

Lab grown Diamonds are the “hot” new thing, all over news. We have them in the store for you to see in person. Come down to our showroom and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Lab Grown Diamonds are identical to natural mined diamonds and share the same physical, chemical and optical properties. These are real diamonds, period, while cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, YAG and others are just simulated diamonds.

What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are single-crystal gem quality stones grown through chemical vapor deposition in a highly specialized laboratory setting. Only available since 2012 the diamonds up to 5 carat round brilliant are capable of being produced.

Not to be confused with industrial diamonds that have been used in manufacturing for decades, these are diamonds are high-quality, authentic diamonds that are grown of the course of a few weeks instead of taking millions of years, as in nature.

Are man-made diamonds of the same quality?

The simple answer is “yes!”. Our man-made diamonds are graded by leading independent gemological laboratories such as International Gemological Institute (IGI) which issue a written diamond report on each stone. IGI also laser inscribes the certificate number and “Lab Grown” on the girdle of the diamond, further confirming our grown diamond’s origin. And the fact that they are man-made diamonds, as opposed to natural mined, means that their quality, cut and value are consistent and not subject to the vast variety in natural diamonds.

We source our man-made diamonds from multiple suppliers. We are always on the lookout for the highest quality and latest innovations and that’s why we work with the world’s largest high-pressure, high-temperature man-made diamond production facilities.

Are synthetic diamonds a good value?

One of the key selling points is the cost savings for the customer. Synthetic diamonds can be anywhere from 20 – 50% less than natural mined diamonds. This can translate into a bigger stone for the same price as a natural mined diamond, 20 – 50% bigger!

Type IIa Diamonds

Diamond type is a method of scientifically classifying diamonds, both grown and mined, by the level and type of their chemical impurities. Type IIa diamonds make up 1–2% of all mined diamonds.

Type lla diamonds are almost or entirely devoid of impurities. A colorless grown diamond is classified as type IIa which is considered to be the purest form of diamond known to man.

Lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced

There is a lot of controversy over the ethics of mined diamonds vs. lab grown diamonds. The question is one of provenance: has the diamond you are about to buy been ethically sourced or has it come from a conflict area. Today there are many safeguards to assure that almost all mined diamonds are conflict free. As matter of fact the diamond industry does tremendous good to many countries in the poorer regions of Africa. One thing is for sure with lab grown diamonds. They are 100% conflict free and the are 100% sustainably and their environmental impact is nearly nil.

Lab grown diamonds are a viable option for anyone that wants to make both an environmentally and socially responsible purchase.

Statement from the owner of Ballard & Ballard Jewelers

Glenn Ballard, President

Glenn Ballard, President

“We have been watching with great interest the process and development of this new technology for years. Finally these diamonds are of a quality that we feel is worthy for our customers to consider. Since they are identical to mined diamonds they offer the same durability and beauty that we all expect from diamonds no matter what their origin.

We have carefully hand picked our in store selection. We can also special order you one in any size, shape or color. The cost savings are tremendous. Primarily we are finding our clients now have an option to go bigger for the same cost. Look at it this way, for the same money you could get a 1.5ct mined diamond or a 2ct lab grown diamond.

Which would you choose?”

– Glenn Ballard

Seeing is believing: come down to our showroom!

We can show you both lab grown and natural mined diamonds side by side and show you the quality and value and you can decide for yourself! Come on down, we’d love to have you! Call (714) 962-0088 or visit us at 18400 Brookhurst Ave. in Fountain Valley (Google Map)

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