Traditional Engagement Rings: The Solitaire Diamond And Beyond

traditional princesss diamond solitaire

Traditional Princesss Diamond Solitaire

Traditional engagement rings truly begin with the classic solitaire  diamond in a 4 or 6 prong setting attached to a white gold or platinum band. Known as the Tiffany-style, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers have been designing such traditional diamond engagement rings in Southern California for a century. We have taken this traditional style and added upgrades and modifications for thousands of clients. As a result, our jewelry designers have access to hundreds upon hundreds of traditional engagement ring molds. We can design whatever kind of traditional style diamond engagement ring you desire, and we can provide you with many options that have been celebrated in the past.

The traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring has one single diamond. The most popular shape is round, followed by the square shaped princess cut diamond. The solitaire traditional diamond engagement ring tends to have a four or six prong setting for a round diamond. The traditional diamond engagement ring with a princess cut is always a four prong setting.  Luckily, while keeping in perfect tune with the vintage feel and style that you envision in your mind’s eye, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers can use modern computer-aided design techniques to fine tune a traditional engagement ring to realize your vision.

Traditional engagement rings, particularly traditional diamond engagement rings, have been gaining in popularity since the beginning of the 21st century. Hollywood starlets and prominent women have made the traditional engagement ring design as their chosen style. Many have traditional engagement rings designed and created by today’s top jewelry designers while others search out vintage estate diamond engagement rings to purchase.

Tradtional floral engagement ring

Tradtional Floral Engagement Ring

If you want a vintage estate piece as your traditional diamond engagement ring, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers have the selection and the connections you need to realize this possibility. A perfect example is the traditional diamond engagement ring estate piece that we recently found for a client. With filigree accents and classical engraving, the design of this stunning traditional engagement ring has a prominent solitaire center diamond that will take your breath away.

Another favored category of traditional diamond engagement rings are rings with side stones. Traditional engagement rings with a larger diamond set in the middle and smaller diamonds on the side come in amazing varieties in the vintage style. Beyond the basic trinity rings of three diamonds lined up with the largest in the center, the traditional floral arrangement diamond engagement ring and the traditional bypass diamond engagement ring show how adding diamonds can take a ring to the next level of beauty and refined elegance.

The additional diamonds create a magical flow that helps to give the traditional bypass diamond engagement ring the rare combination of a vintage look with the flair of youthful energy. By adding smaller diamonds, traditional diamond engagement rings accentuate the prominence and strength of the central diamond. Today’s couples prefer the flow of symmetry as opposed to the asymmetrical designs experimented with at the end of the 20th century.

A classic version of the traditional diamond engagement ring with multiple diamonds is the halo diamond engagement ring. With a halo of smaller diamonds accentuating the main center diamond, this traditional engagement ring has the feel of royalty. It displays a man’s true belief that his lady is a princess ready to one day be his queen. The halo traditional engagement ring design also conveys a value that Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers has expressed since the beginning: Every bride-to-be is an angel-in-waiting and deserves to be treated as such.

If you are a bit more alternative but still attracted by traditional engagement ring designs, you should look closely at the traditional split shank princess diamond engagement ring. The split shanks of the diamond studded bands that descend from the four prongs provide this vintage style with a modern sensibility. While maintaining the traditional engagement ring focus on elegance and simplicity, the traditional split shank princess diamond engagement ring can give you and your beloved the best of both worlds.


Traditional Yellow Gold Halo with Round Diamond

When it comes to the challenge of designing traditional diamond engagement rings, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers have been providing our clients in Southern California and Orange County with innovative designs for a century. Our family run jewelry business has been handing down traditional diamond engagement ring designs from generation to generation since the beginning of the 20th century. If you want to design and create a traditional diamond engagement ring or find a vintage estate piece with original flair, we can help turn your traditional engagement ring dreams into a stunning reality.

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